Audio Branding / Audio Logos

You want to stand out from your competition, and audio branding is one really effective way to achieve this:

An audio logo is a brief (2-6 second) sound or music clip tailored to fit your brand. Often you hear these at the end of company television commercials or company web videos. A famous example of an audio logo is the chimes you hear at the end of Intel ads.

Consumers are becoming much more desensitised to traditional marketing methods, and in order to really stand out amongst the hoards of other companies vying for their attention it helps to use audio as an additional ‘glue’ between your brand and your product / service.

Audio is capable of connecting with an audience on a totally different level than visual mediums, and having a well crafted audio logo is a quick way of increasing both brand value and brand recognition. It makes your existing ad campaigns far more effective as tagging each of these with your audio logo at the end helps anchor your product with your brand in the minds of the consumer. And audio logos are language independent so one solution fits multiple markets.

Our process starts with an initial meeting between one of our dedicated corporate composers and your marketing team. Our composer will work with you to get a feel for the style and corporate culture you want to portray through the use of sound, and suggest different audio styles that will help to achieve this. Once you approve these style suggestions we will begin work on your audio logo.

We will provide at minimum two different audio concepts for you. Once you have selected your preferred concept, we will refine the audio and upon final approval by you, provide you with broadcast ready versions of your new audio logo.

We believe your audio logo should define your brand from the moment it’s heard and blow away the competition. We can’t wait to help you achieve this.

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Music for Corporate Videos & Marketing Campaigns

Just like an audio logo, you need music that really helps define your brand and conjures the image your are trying to project in your consumers mind. Apple for instance, are masters of doing this and they really manage to infuse their extremely successful marketing campaigns with their unique corporate culture and personality through the clever use of music. We can help you do the same.

Rather than just using stock music for your campaign, we work with you to lovingly craft music that really helps represent your individual brand and your corporate personality. As with our audio logo process, we assign you a dedicated composer who will work with your marketing team to determine exactly the kind of style and character of music you need to really personalise your brand in the minds of the consumer, and provide you with an edge and polish that will set you streets ahead of your competition.

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Below are some examples of some of our previous corporate work: