Phonic Storm Now Accepts Bitcoin Payments

Phonic Storm is proud to announce we now accept Bitcoin as payment for our services in addition to traditional payment methods.
Please contact us for more information if you are interested in using Bitcoin as payment for any of our services.


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John Williams collaboration with Michael Giacchino on new Star Wars

Since it was announced that JJ Abrams would be helming the new Star Wars movies, speculation has been rife about who would be scoring the music for the new movies – the legendary composer for all the original Star Wars movies John Williams, or long time JJ Abrams collaborator Michael Giacchino.

Following Williams recent announcement that he’d love to score the new movies, the debate has really heated up, with asking whether in fact Williams should return, and many discussions starting online following this latest news being posted on,,,,, and

The problem Abrams faces is that he is caught between a rock and a hard place: If he chooses Giacchino, he will undoubtedly anger legions of faithful Star Wars fans and could draw pretty unfavourable criticism for snubbing Williams. However if he chooses Williams, there is an equally vocal crowd who will be unhappy as they are demanding new blood for the new movies – a fresh start so to speak, and it might put him in an awkward position with Giacchino.

So what is the solution? Composer Deane Ogden put forward the following idea on the excellent ScoreCastOnline forums and I totally agree:

A John Williams / Michael Giacchino collaboration. Why?

The thing is, apart from everything else, JJ Abrams is an extremely astute businessman, and one of the first rules of business is to find win win situations:

By going with a collaboration, Abrams avoids the delicate problem being seen to snub one or other of the composers, appeases the Williams crowd who would be devastated if Williams didn’t return, and also keeps the crowd who are demanding new blood for the new movies happy. Both camps I’m sure would be eager to see what these two legends would come up with together.

Also, announcing a collaboration between Williams and Giacchino would be a far more juicy news story than announcing just one or the other, and would pretty much guarantee in my opinion more column inches in the press than the other two options.

Abrams wins because he keeps everyone happy, avoids criticism, guarantees a serious amount of news coverage, and gives audiences something they have never heard before. The audience win because they get to enjoy the collaboration of two musical greats honouring the monumental original score and infusing it with new life.

So in answer to the article: yes, Williams should definitely return, but wouldn’t it be fantastic to see “Music by John Williams & Michael Giacchino” when the credits roll. That would be seriously exciting!

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