The exceptional music production team at Phonic Storm comes from a broad range of impressive backgrounds including working for such companies as Abbey Road Studios, EMI Records, Virgin records and Creative Labs, and working alongside game developers such as EA Games, Sumo and Splash Damage.

What unites us all is our love of music, and our attention to detail when it comes to crafting the perfect music for moving images, whether that be a fully scored feature film, audio branding for a corporate campaign, or anything in between.

We work with music day in day out not because we have to, but because we love to, and we can’t wait to see how our passion for what we do can help add sparkle to your project.

Previous Work

Phonic Storm has worked on major campaigns and projects including:

Our music was pre-loaded onto 500,000 Creative Labs mp3 players during their very successful launch of their range of Zen V MP3 players.

We wrote the theme music for the best selling children’s iPhone / iPad app (top 10 in 5 different countries) Mr Mouse – The Fair.

Our music features in Hollywood movie Zombie Wars by David A. Prior.

We have licensed music for successful corporate campaigns and adverts.

Our key principles:

Be the best. We use state of the art equipment and sounds also used on such Hollywood movies as Terminator 4, Batman Begins and The Dark Knight, and everyone involved with Phonic Storm has come from a first class musical / audio engineering background

Be unique. We know that you want the music / audio for your project to be lovingly crafted according to your vision and to stand out against the competition, and we have the passion and experience to give you the music you want

Do work on time. Repeat business is key to us, and we understand the immensely fast turnaround times that can be involved. We deliver when you need it the most without fail

Help our clients. Not only do we carefully craft our music to your exact specifications, when you need input and advice for how to create a certain vibe, we can use our considerable experience to advise you and suggest a range of musical options